[ZWeb] New Collector available

Tom Deprez Tom Deprez" <tom.deprez@uz.kuleuven.ac.be
Wed, 12 Dec 2001 14:31:36 +0100

> Great, thanks Martijn!  This is good news.  I'd like to clarify one part
> at the end: issues with the existing site __that should be addressed on
> the new site__ are fair game.  However, saying "the blah page is broken
> on www.zope.org" is out of bounds for this new collector.
> We now need to go through the work to make this our own.  This means a
> number of things:
> 1) First, make sure that reasonable feature requests and irritations
> about the web site are directed here.  Make sure people know that they
> can log in using their zope.org username/password.
> 2) We need to make sure the add form and reports are structured in a way
> to match our organizational scheme (e.g. subprojects).  This might be a
> bit hard.
> 3) We need to get the right people in as supporters.  Everybody can help!
> This last point bears repeating.  One really, really good way that
> community folks can make casual contributions is by doing first-level
> triage on the zope.org collector.

> Spend some time each morning -- maybe fifteen minutes -- going through
> some issues, accepting or rejecting them, and steering them to the right
> people.  Most of all, let the issue reporter feel that we're responsive!

Well, this is a really good idea. I think I can manage to set some minutes
aside to help on the zope.org site.
If so, we need of course to know the people to who'm we've to steere the
Where do I've to sign me in?