[ZWeb] [IDEA] associate lists and wikis

Simon Michael simon@joyful.com
Thu, 13 Dec 2001 12:40:15 -0800

I think a one-to-one correspondence between a wiki and a mailing list
is often a good idea, whether you actually merge them (zwiki.org) or
you operate them up side by side (the
http://lists.zope.org/mailman/listinfo/zope3-dev list and the

In the latter case I found it's a lot easier to move back and forth
between one list and one associated wiki, than for example between
zope-dev and multiple wikis that get mentioned at random intervals.

I propose that we recognize this as a desirable policy and implement
it where it makes sense, following the previous "mnemonic urls"
proposal and using the same id for both wiki and list. This would
imply that the above urls become:

http://lists.zope.org/zope3-dev, http://wikis.zope.org/zope3-dev,

Comments ?