[ZWeb] [IDEA] delegate management of project pages

Simon Michael simon@joyful.com
Thu, 13 Dec 2001 15:09:57 -0800

Just one more..

Problem: there is a lot of content on zope.org, with a high overall
maintenance cost, but any change larger than a wiki edit must be made
by ZC. ZC has a lot to do and so in practice updates such as
improvements to page layout, site organization etc are rare.

Zope has always been about delegation - let's delegate.  Or rather,
let's make it easier to delegate and find the combination of central
control and delegation that is most effective.

I propose that we make it easy to delegate or open up management of
the aforementioned project areas, at least. Maintainers could then be
"volunteered" from that project's interest group. Volunteers would get
manage access to (eg) http://projects.zope.org/zope3-dev and in this
folder they would find "wiki" and "collector" if any. It would be nice
to represent the mailman list in here too.

In this way volunteers could handle project page updates, experiment
with page layout enhancements, etc. My vote would be for near-total
control of page appearance by the project maintainers - certainly the
ability to override sidebars, etc - but ZC could set up a site-wide
header & footer to include anything that they cannot live without.

Comments ?