[ZWeb] Re: [IDEA] project urls

Simon Michael simon@joyful.com
Thu, 13 Dec 2001 23:54:53 -0800

Ken Manheimer <klm@zope.com> writes:
> This is interesting stuff, simon!  I'd need to think about it a bit -
> but it sounds very appealing.

To enlarge on the project metaphor - I've been thinking that many
complex systems have been made more manageable by recasting them as
repetitions of a flexible-but-uniform component - think linux
packages, web pages, smalltalk objects - and that the entire zope.org
ball of wax could be reframed in terms of a list of lightweight
projects. The names of the mailing lists would be a good basis.

Also, thinking along these lines, the zope list suggests a "zope"
project, and a "zope" wiki. I think this is good - a default zope
wiki. Some existing content could be merged in here perhaps.

> (I'm hoping the wiki email notifications will offer a significant
> improvement for using wiki for dialogues.  I'm not sure what i think
> about email-in - i find clicking on a link in my email client (or even
> copying and pasting, which is what i mostly do) to be about as easy as
> telling my email client to prepare a reply, so am not sure the
> email-in stuff is so important.  But i digress...)

Mail-out comes first, but I think mail-in is important too. 

I'll read most comments as mail notifications, and firing off a reply
*right there* in gnus with quoting, proper editing etc. is for me far
faster and more ergonomic than cranking up a new web window, logging
in, navigating to the edit form, etc etc.

Aside from that, we're all comfortable with email; I think it's cool
to be able to forget about the wiki and pretend it's just a mail list

More food for thought,