[ZWeb] Fwd: IDEA

Casey Duncan c.duncan@nlada.org
Fri, 14 Dec 2001 16:35:23 -0500

On Friday 14 December 2001 04:00 pm, Ken Manheimer allegedly wrote:
> I like this idea, too!  (I somehow missed the original, or it didn't quite
> register.)  I think it would be additionally cool to have notifications
> about new items posted to a mailling list - so people could see them show.
> I'm not sure whether we could just create a pseudo-user with the mailling
> list address as its email preference, but then have to deal with
> notifcations about handling of the items, as they're marked off by the
> people compiling them.  An option would be to slightly change the
> collector to enable particular addresses for particular item transitions.
> That would be easy to implement, and seems a lot less kludgy...
> What do you think?  In any case, we should provide a collector for the
> news...

Sounds good. The original message was just to me, so I forwarded it to the 
list, which is why you didn't see it before. 

I've got my nose in some core coding at the moment, besides the fact that I 
need to *write* another news installment sometime soon. Anyone care to 
volunteer some time to get this rolling? If not it'll need to wait until I'm 
done with my core stuff...

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