[ZWeb] Zope Web server

Paul Everitt paul@zope.com
Fri, 28 Dec 2001 07:59:22 -0500

Tom Plummer wrote:

 > I am having trouble finding the web root of this server. I installed
 > Zope on a Win NT 4.0 sp 6a machine and after going through almost
 > all of the tutorial I can't find out how to change the ip for the
 > webserver or to change the port from 8080.

You probably installed Zope in a directory in c:\Program Files.  Use 
Windows Explorer to search for a file named 'start.bat'.  That will show 
you the directory.  If you mean Virtual Root from an IIS perspective, 
that's a different concept that doesn't mean anything in Zope.

Second, the start.bat file is the one used to start up the Zope server. 
  It also passes some command line arguments that tell Zope which ports 
to use.  For instance, you'll see a '-D' option that starts Zope in 
debug mode.

By default the file does *not* contain an argument about the port 
number.  This means Zope will use the default values of 8080 for http, 
8021 for ftp, etc.

To change the port numbers, you can do it all at one time using the -W 
option.  That is, to change 8080 and 8021 to 9380 and 9321, add the '-W 
9300' argument to start.bat, just before the -D option.

If you want more control over the port number choices, edit the z2.py 
file and set each port directly.

 > I started using this product because I wanted to use the dynamic gif
 > generator and have not seen this either.

Zope doesn't contain a dynamic GIF generator in the default download. 
However, zope.org contains contributed products that can do this.