[ZWeb] zope and dreamweaver via webdav

Paul Everitt paul@digicool.com
Sun, 07 Jan 2001 12:48:46 -0500

There are a number of bugs in DW4's WebDAV implementation.  According to
Martijn Pieters (who's also on this list):

There are three problems (that I found):

- The WWW-Authenticate header is matched case-sensitively, and Zope's
  header isn't recognized. This is not compliant with the HTTP RFC. It may
  be that other headers are also matched against case-sensitively, but I
  didn't check for that.

- The Host header sent by DW4 has the IP number, not the host name of the
  host contacted, making it useless for Virtual Hosting on one IP address.
  Macromedia told me the wrong address string was copied.

- When contacting a server on a non-standard port (ie not port 80), an
  arbitrary number was sent along in the port number position of the Host
  header. For example, when contacting my server on port 8080 it would
  send 'Host:' or some such number. Macromedia said it
  was an integer overflow in their parsing library.

After reporting this both on the DW forum and in an email exchange with
their tech support, someone named Doug Shimonek (dshimonek@macromedia.com)
contacted me confirming the issues.

He also said that they were all fixed, and that  new release was in
testing, to be released on Macromedia Exchange their extension swapping
site). No date was given as to when it would be out, but he would let me
know directly when it did.

In the mid-term what you're really going to want is HiperDOM, "A
designer-friendly template model for Zope similar in spirit to XMLC":


These currently work really well from Adobe GoLive 5 using WebDAV.
Unfortunately, despite claims to the opposite, DW4 doesn't actually do XHTML
and likely won't be fixed in a hotfix (though we can hope).

Martijn can also help on this point as well.

Regarding the workflow stuff you mentioned, since we've been getting to know
GoLive, we've accelerated the importance of getting a DAV Level 2 compliant
locking model:


I don't think this will make in into Zope 2.3, but I believe it's past the
50% point of being done.

However it sounds like what you really want is the PTK:


The CVS version of PTK is more friendly to WebDAV, especially when combined
with Zope 2.3's ability to run on a "source port" (that is, a port where GET
requests don't render the document).  I believe Martijn will be working on
getting HiperDOM templates as a content type for PTK.

With this you can have resources that have to go through a simple role-based
approval system.

I'm really looking forward to the next six or so weeks when the dust settles
on all this.


On 1/7/01 12:34 PM, "Michael Gänsler" <mgaensler@mediatouch.de> wrote:

> hi folks,
> I installed zope on my local win2k machine and have managed to get access
> through webdav with dreamweaver4.  but dw4 cannot write to folders. any
> clues?
> btw: my main idea was to use the version control and let dw4 do all the
> templates-things etc. the only thing i'm missing is a workflow of putting
> files to the zope folder and let another user release them for publishing on
> the web (maybe using a modell like edit-server and live-server). are there
> any tools/plugins... whatever for workflow with zope - that would make zope
> a great content management system.
> regards,
> michael
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