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Andrew Sawyers andrew@digicool.com
Tue, 9 Jan 2001 11:04:51 -0500

I've been on other lists where spammers became a problem, and this same kind
of arguement was brought up as a reason not to restrict posting to members;
I think it's one alternative; the other being someway to refuse accepting
mail from known relay/spam sites.  I don't know the workings of our list
system, but it shouldn't be tough to do this, either in the mailhandler
(i.e. postfix) or the listmanager (MailMan).  I know when I would admin
sites using sendmail, I could setup a hash table of sites I would refuse
mail from.  This is not the greatest solution, but one which works if the
relay site or spammer utilizes a host or domain often enough.  It just seems
to be getting worse; and it's not just this list either.
My .02

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On Tue, 9 Jan 2001, Andrew Sawyers wrote:

> Can we stop these spammers somehow?
> It shouldn't be hard to require list membership to post messages to our
> lists....

I no longer have authority about the lists, but can say that restricting
to membership can be a logistical problem, because some portion of the
time, possibly significant, people are not posting from their subscription
account.  Either they're on the road or they have multiple accounts and
are at one of their alternates (probably more common than the former),
etc.  Therefore restricting can amount to frequent approval burdens on the
admins, would be interesting to see how much, but i wouldn't be surprised
if it's too much.

Soon we're supposed to be getting an upgrade to more recent mailman, which
may have better spam protection, maybe better ways to restrict posting to
membership, i dunno.

Ken Manheimer