[ZWeb] What's this mailing list for?

Andy McKay andym@ActiveState.com
Wed, 17 Jan 2001 13:18:54 -0800

According to the charter its:

"Zope-Web is the place for discussing zope websites: zope.org, zope.net, and
zope.com. Discussion about the merits, flaws, and voids of their respective
services is appropriate here. "

But to be honest over the last few weeks Ive noticed 90% of the traffic
seems to be internal emails amongst DC along the lines of this is broken /
fixed etc. Its quite amusing to read this somedays, but at our company we
have a separate internal list for that (of course we never have any problems
:) ).

Wouldn't that make more sense, unless it affects the community at large?
Mind you "zope.org, zope.net, and zope.com" are all the same site...

  Andy McKay.