[ZWeb] License on image

Paul Everitt paul@digicool.com
Thu, 18 Jan 2001 13:48:53 -0500

At this point we don't have a license on the images, but we are going to
be more stringent in the future about using our images without
alteration.  There's a bunch of "tweaked" Zope logos out there that are
making it hard to set some visual standards.

At this point, though, we haven't put this effort on our radar.


Andy McKay wrote:
> Just reading the license and it says that use of attribution button is
> encouraged. Is there any license regarding the zope "Z" image, I would like
> to stick it on my new site <plug>www.zopezen.org</plug>, but the attribution
> button doesn't fit in with my scheme. Im assuming there is no problem with
> me using the "Z" image?
> Cheers.
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>   Andy McKay.
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