[ZWeb] optional registration/info during install

Donald Braman donald.braman@yale.edu
Sat, 23 Jun 2001 15:22:06 -0400

That sounds good, too. How does the pine system work? Can it send system
data (OS, version, etc.) and can it identify repeat emails from the same
users (say, if someone reinstalls)? If the pine model is really bare bones,
perhaps user's could choose between three options: (1) don't send anything
to zope.org; (2) send an anonymous email identifying the version of Zope
used; (3) register with Zope.org through a web-based form at zope.org or an
emailable form.


ps. How do the developers evaluate an idea (feature request) like this? Poll
current users? Post to zope@zope.org?

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Donald Braman wrote:
> This question makes me think that it might be nice for people to be able
> (though not required) to "register" Zope during installation. I know that
> sounds corporate, but the list of registered users could be used to email
> them about security patches, updates, etc. You could even throw in some
> optional questions about hardware used, etc. Is that something that the
> folks at zope.org would be willing to keep track of? Just a thought. -Don

Or maybe do what Pine (an email client) does: the first time you use it,
it asks you if you would like to send an anonymous email to the Pine
development team at the University of Washington in Seattle, just so the
developers can get a general idea of how many people are using it.