[ZWeb] Guide for Corporate Decision Makers

Donald Braman donald.braman@yale.edu
Thu, 1 Mar 2001 19:03:37 -0500

Hope you don't mind this slightly snarky post. I stumbled across the "Guide
for Corporate Decision Makers" and it got me thinking...why are there so few
large sites hosted by Zope in the case studies section? Why isn't Zope.org
selling Zope? If I hadn't stumbled accross this page accidentally, I would
never have known that CBS New York and Greenpeace used Zope.

This piqued a general feeling I have about the Zope.org site. I think
Zope.org could do a better job of organizing information and marketing Zope.
Viewing it as someone who wants to adopt Zope, I wanted to see (in something
like this order):

1. What Zope Is (now under "Learn Zope", which isn't the most intuitive
title for a description of Zope).
2. Reasons to use Zope, including: success stories at small, medium, and
large institutions; a guide for IT decision makers (including a discussion
about support); and reviews/news about Zope (Most of this is now in
"Resources", which is not the most intuitive place to go for "marketing"
3. How to get Zope ("Get Zope" is just fine).
4. How to use Zope ("Learn Zope" isn't really about learning Zope).
5. About DC, it's relation to Zope, etc. (this seems to spread between
"Learn Zope" and "About Zope" and the DC site).
6. About the site itself (in "About Zope.org" is fine, though more details
about who runs the site, contacts, etc. would be nice...this coudl be the
same as 5).
7. Zope News as a sidebar, not a cenral menu item.
8. More in the left column (python sites...whatever).

Just my 2 cents