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<center><b><font face="Times New Roman,Times"><font color="#FF0000"><font size=+1>BUSINESS
DIRECTORY OF TAIWAN</font></font></font></b></center>


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<td><b><font face="Times New Roman,Times"><font color="#3333FF">The Best
Business Industry Trade Guide of Taiwan
<br>Manufacturers, Exporters, Importers Firms
in Taiwan.</font></b>
<p><font color="#3333FF">With Company Name, Address, Telephone Number,
Fax, Products, Capital, URL, Email, Trademark, Date of Established, Board
of Chairman, General Manager</font>
<p><b><font color="#000099">* In English & Chinese<br>
* Over 1800 pages of A4 size<br>
* Price/Per Copy<br>
  US$ 250 (Reg. Airmail Postpaid)</font></b></td>
<b>Classification of Products:</b>
<br><font size=-1>Industrial Machines Parts, Metal-Working Wood-Working
Machines, Plastic Machinery, Mining Construction Machines, Spinning Weaving
Machinery, Agricultural Machinery, Food Processing Machines, Machines Parts,
Whole Plants Automatic System, Metal Products, Iron Steel Materials, Non-Ferrous
Materials, Tools Knives, Kitchen Ware, Fire-Proof Materials Products, Energy
Minerals, Electric Machinery Apparatus, Lighting Equipments, Electric Products,
Electric Wires Cables, Computer Peripheral Products, Electronic Products
Components, Transportation Equipments, Watches, Clocks Parts, Optical Instruments,
Medical Instruments Appliances, Precision Instruments, Cement Products,
Glass, Porcelain Bone China Ware, Marble Marble Products, Wood, Bamboo
Rattan Products, Paper Products, Rubber Products, Plastic Products, Food,
Processed Food, Textile Products, Apparel Clothing Accessories, Chemicals,
Pigment Coating, Medicinal Pharmaceutical Products, Cosmetics Cleaning
Products, Gift Ware, Sporting Goods, Leisure Recreation products, Farm
Products, Leather Products, Miscellaneous Products.</font>
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