[ZWeb] Re: [Zope] Come kick some tires, at new.zope.org

Stephan Richter srichter@cbu.edu
Wed, 10 Oct 2001 18:58:59 -0500

At 07:47 PM 10/10/2001 -0700, Andrew Sawyers wrote:
>I'd be interested in proposed solutions rather then just pointing out
>criticisms; specifics such as Andy McKay pointed out , but include the
>solution to what the perceived problem is.  I'm on your side, but we need
>more specifics to address your concerns.

Well, I think Joachim made it clear: Get a graphics designer and get a real 
design done! Look at the EuroZope.org proposal, that is what I call a site 
layout! (I did not choose the artist or was involved, so I am not bias.)


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