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Robert Davis Robert Davis <robertd@nipltd.com>
Sun, 14 Oct 2001 20:29:41 +0100

>> Has anybody experience in using Zope & Webdav?

JW> <snip> Of course you'll get Word-style HTML uploaded if you use Word 2000 ...

Ta - that's all very interesting!

JW> WebDrive, which unfortunately is not free, but only has a 30-day trial
JW> version, works better than the windows webfolders (e.g. renaming works), but
JW> seems to crash rather often.

fyi, I use WebDrive on my Windows 2000 pc heavily against Zope
content, albeit with FTP not with WebDAV, and find it is very robust. I
would recommend people try WebDrive out.

If there is a problem with WebDrive and WebDAV, try contacting the
authors - I've found them very helpful

(The usual: I'm not affiliated with WebDrive etc)


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