[ZWeb] I promised to start a thread about columns in the IRC meet yesterday.

Sebastian Bacon Sebastian.Bacon@coi.gsi.gov.uk
Fri, 05 Apr 2002 10:51:34 +0100

I promised to start a thread about columns in the IRC meet yesterday.

Paul wondered whether or not the current layout should have a full third co=
lumn for news, etc.

My feeling has come round to a third column, but a really narrow one.  I no=
ticed many news sites have very brief links to news articles, no more than =
about 40 characters.

My personal favourite layout for getting lots of information across clearly=
 is the BBC news site.  For example


My concern is that in our desire to fit as much as possible in, we end up w=
ith a glut of information on the front page.  I think this could be solved =
by ensuring all the links are as brief as possible.=20

BTW, my net connection's foobar'd and I can only send emails from inside a =
firewall that won't let me collect anything from the mailing lists, please =
CC me in anything relevant.  I've already written some brief minutes but th=
ey're on a different system I can't access.  Sorry - will rectify as soon a=
s possible!

I'll only be able to make the meeting (10AM, EST, @ #zope-web) if I can get=
 to another location outside the firewall today.  I'll try my best.

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