[ZWeb] more IA ideas

Paul Everitt paul@zope.com
Fri, 05 Apr 2002 07:18:29 -0500

Sebastian Bacon wrote:
> just running through the survey results, a couple of thoughts:
> is there room for a glossary on the front page?

Not without removing something else.  We could put a link to the 
glossary under the Documentation section links.  Of course you're 
referring to an artifact which hasn't been written, so that's another 
problem. :^)

> should the book be given a really prominent position?

No.  There are many books out now and we can't feature all of them 
(except by stealing the Spotlight).

> according to the zope.org stats, these are the most requested sections:
> Search
> Products
> Documentation
> Tour
> Download
> Book
> Resources

Ahh, good point for brining that up!  We should keep in mind the current 
stats and Seb's survey results.

I also think it is time to convert the full-text search on zope.org to 
use google.  At the time when Zope is able to provide better results to 
people, we can switch back.