[ZWeb] DISCUSS: Wiki subscription slowness

Adrian Hungate adrian@haqa.co.uk
Sat, 6 Apr 2002 00:48:24 +0100

Hmm... 2

Personally, I find the wiki's are still too hard to quickly find what I want
in them. I would much prefer to use a weblog (Squishdot?) for this
purpose... That is how we appear to be using the wiki's anyway (Most of the

Just my $0.02


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> Howdy.  Yesterday I tried to do some major authoring on www.zope.org in
> Wiki sites.  I got absolutely fed up with how long it was taking to save
> Wiki pages and wondered what in the hades was wrong.  The load average
> on the machines wasn't that high and the memory consumption was
> surprisingly low.
> Later Tres came over and told me the culprit: on every save to a Wiki
> page, an SMTP socket connection is made for everybody that wants a
> notification.
> I hadn't realized that it was done this way.  Clearly this doesn't
> scale, and has already hit the wall.
> Three courses of action:
> 1) Turn off notification until it can be reimplemented.
> 2) Stop authoring in Wikis.
> 3) Move the Wiki authoring for new.zope.org requirements (nzo) over to
> new.zope.org.
> Suggestions?
> --Paul
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