[ZWeb] Functional spec

Lennart Regebro lennart@torped.se
Sat, 6 Apr 2002 08:52:23 +0200

From: "Olivier Deckmyn" <odeckmyn.list@teaser.fr>
> Seb:
> > - automatic osbeletion (?) of old content
> We had implemented this for a customer. When publishing a document,
> publisher has to tell how long its document is worth a read
> (1,3,6,12,18,24,infinite months). After this the document might be
> with an "obsolete" banner or automatically retracted. In both case, the
> publisher gets an email asking him to re-publishing if needed.

I'm not sure time is the valid thing to obsolete on here. Isn't it rather
Zope version?
If you could enter which versions of Zope the information is valid for you
could get some of the similar effect. It would then also be easy to make a
check box when a new version comes out, if things are still valid.