[ZWeb] more functional notes

Casey Duncan casey@zope.com
Wed, 10 Apr 2002 15:03:35 -0600

seb bacon wrote:
> finally, musing over IA issues, it strikes me that a *hierarchical* 
> keyword tree thing would be crucial in producing an accurate content 
> taxonomy for the site.
> (a) a flat list of classifications as exists on the current site is hard 
> to scan and use
> (b) it doesn't match how real-life taxonomies work (e.g. pole-vaulting 
> is a form of athletics is a form of sport; or in nzo terms, a 
> Zope-Apache HOWTO a form of Documentation; and it is also part of a 
> WebMaster->Server->3rdPartyServers->Apache class)
> sorry it's so brief...
> seb

I have some code we can use for this.

A simple folderish catalogaware class that works good for hierarchies 
(contains methods to easily create breadcrumbs). It also contains a 
publisher hook for looking up contents dynamically in a Catalog 
(although CMF may already get us this).

That allows you to map content onto multiple places in the hierarchy 
without creating references and all the trouble they create.

Also I have code to "flatten" the hierarchy so that you can put it into 
a multi-select box on forms. I have two styles, one that only allows 
selection of leaf nodes and one that allows selection at all levels, 
branch or leaf. This code currently works with the above, but could be 
easily modified for any folderish or other hierarchy of objects.

Let me know if this might help at all.