[ZWeb] A new proposal (long)

Olivier Deckmyn odeckmyn.list@teaser.fr
Thu, 11 Apr 2002 11:46:47 +0200

> I havent been involved with the homepage design.
> But I also have gotten no feedback on the sub-page for the "Products area"
> merely 24 hours old.  :(

I loved it. I like that there are plenty of informations on it.
I will be easy to integrate it in the current design. (graphically)


> 1. Please leave the left navigation column as its own color to distinguish
> it from the body.  My tired eyes find it hard to distinguish navigation
> the main body.

So this is how it is done now ?

> 2. Please do not use any "Right Justification".  It is WAY TOO HARD to
> Most of the world is used to "left justification".

I like it right justified but I made a left justification in latest version

Please all : comment !

> 2A.  Please dont use Force Justify in the Right columns.  Left
> works just fine here.

???? It's left justify today, no ?

> 3.  The left nav areas need to be cleaned up and cut down quite a bit.
> are non-descriptive and not very helpful to the first time viewer of the
> page.  And it is WAY TOO MUCH information to digest.

This is AI

> 4.  Applications has the wrong connotation in the community.  The
> uses "Products" to describe Zope add-ons.  And this should link to the
> that I started to design.

I would MUCH MORE prefer that we use the term "Component".
Zope is a RAD tool like VB or Delphi. You can plug components into it...

> 5.  Please enclose in a table any areas that need to be their own
> The "sparse all-white" background design makes it very difficult to scan
> relevant areas.  At least put a border around them if you dont want a
> background color.

Which one.
>From a web design point of view I would really dislike to have borders on
tables :(

> ...woops, got distracted. Now I lost my train of thought...
> I do like the "Info for..." area.  But isnt this redundant with Advocacy,
> Business, Using Zope?.  Why not move more of the left nav links to this
> style and leave only the most important navigation for the site on the
> nav bar?
> The Page needs a good tagline or description that emphasizes that it is
> Website for the Zope Community".
> Final feedback is that this design is not enough of a departure from the
> existing zope.org page to make a difference.  It does not improve upon the
> targeted purpose of making the page more friendly for the purpose of
> increasing the adoption of Zope by first time viewers of the page.
> Those of us that invested unnecessary time exploring zope.org for useful
> information now know where to find it.  Therefore we dont need a new
> The new design should be to grow the community...hopefully attracting much
> more talented programmers than I who can contribute to the core and to
> Product development.
> Suggestion: re-evaluate the content areas with a question like "What is
> main objective of the home page and of the website?" and then "Does the
> layout provide clear descriptions for people to navigate to their area of
> interest in one-click?"
> Idea...
> Why not a section called.  "The Zope Advantage", "Want to know more about
> Zope?" or "Evaluating Zope?" or open-source attitude like "Zope: not your
> mother's ASP"  :)
> Why not have a box for the latest "How to's" with a link to explain how to
> write your own how-to?
> How about a small link at the bottom of a topic-table that says "Add Zope
> announcements to your page"?
> Links should be name "Zope-web links" with a page that describes ZWeb,
> mail list, and why people should get involved for the sake of the Zope
> community.
> And now for some excellent Vogon Poetry for perspective...
> Oh freddled gruntbuggly thy mictuations are to me
>   As plurdled gabbleblotchits on a lurgid bee.
>   Groop I implore thee, my foonting1 turlingdromes.
>   And hooptiously drangle me with crinkly bindlewurdles,
>   Or I will rend thee in the gobberwarts with my blurglecruncheon, see if
> don't!
> Cheers,
> Trevor
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> Hi there,
> Seb sent me a new proposal :
> http://www.nidecker.net/zope.org/v4_1_4/
> I like its ideas (seb worked with lennart).
> I prefer this version (I made 2 minor modifications)
> http://www.nidecker.net/zope.org/v4_1_4b
> Cheers,
> Olivier.
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