[ZWeb] A new proposal (long)

seb bacon seb@jamkit.com
Thu, 11 Apr 2002 21:03:37 +0100

Trevor Toenjes wrote:
> I am not used to a process that would attempt to finalize visual before IA,
> hence my earlier feedback.  It would be easier to follow if the current IA
> is incorporated into the current visual comp.

Agreed.  The problem is that we are reliant on the randomly fluctuating 
amounts of time and energy in this small sub-community.  Olivier had the 
time and energy to kickstart the design process earlier than I had been 
expecting to start it, but the great thing is that he *did* start it.

We should try to bear in mind that the design threads should really be 
concentrating on look and feel, though.

> So a major goal could be, to engage the experienced developers by making it
> easier for them to contribute to the community (thus helping to develop the
> average user to a level where experienced users dont feel like they are
> carrying the technical development of Zope).  It would be interesting to
> find out if Zope could attract PHP/ASP developers that felt they could have
> more of an impact on the zope community, and that we wanted them...

This is a really good interpretation, I like it.

> So I further segmented the categories of users.
> What about Newbie Links for the home page targeting different groups?
> After all, newbies only describes new to Zope, but doesnt address the wide
> range of experience among zope newbies.

<snip users>

How might these translate into sections?  There's a lot of information 
hear to organise, and prioritise.

>  I think it would help to put some focus on explaining ZODB (OODB) as 
well on
> the home page.  Especially with the External ZODB initiative. To use zope
> you must learn ZODB first. The survey showed everyone is technical, so let's
> give them something technical right on the home page.

Yes!  I like this.  Also the ZODB technology is a big concern for a lot 
of people when you introduce them to Zope, and a bit of positive 
branding could do it no end of good.

> For Login ... what about adding "Why join?" either in the newbie area or the
> header nav.
> Finally, my earlier premise is supported in my design of the products page,
> that allows experienced users to post a product, and allow community members
> to add better descriptions, how-tos, etc without burdening the author.

Thanks for a really thoughtful response...