[ZWeb] zope-web area and zopelabs

Trevor Toenjes zope@toenjes.com
Thu, 11 Apr 2002 15:44:05 -0400

> How are you defining a 'zope-web'?  I don't think there is such a
> collective noun at the moment.  Is it any site about Zope?

taken from http://www.zope.org/Resources/MailingLists

Zope-Web  [Archives]  Zope-Web is the place for discussing the Zope
community websites: www.zope.org, dev.zope.org and new.zope.org. Discussion
about the merits, flaws, and voids of their respective services is
appropriate here.

I consider "Zope community websites" to be everything in the LINKS list, not
just the subdomains on zope.org.  They are created by, maintained by, and
contributed to by community members about Zope.
Maybe I hijacked ZC's original concept but ZC wants to get out of the
business of babysitting the community.  If you agree, then we should update
the description to say "any site about zope that is for the use of the
community".  (zope-web is the shorter way to say zope-community)

> ZopeZen does an excellent job of news, too, and we've discussed on IRC
> how we could best make use of it.  My only concern about these kinds of
> things was that they are efforts of individuals, so if those individuals
> changed jobs / moved to patagonia / whatever, we'd lose important parts
> of the community.  Perhaps this would be something to worry about when
> it occured though.

Good point. BTW, I hear Patagonia has broadband. ;) Of course the webops
need to agree to be featured on the home page, but I would be really
surprised if any of them wouldnt want the exposure to be featured as Senior
advocate/contributor to the Zope community.

For maintenance...if content scraping is limited to the home page, then they
are easily removed if they arent maintained appropriately. If the home page
became cluttered with good stuff!(a problem we hope to have) then it would
be easy to create a single Zope-Web portal page with scrapes from the best
sites.  I, for one, would like this content mix so I dont have to surf each
site to see what is new.