[ZWeb] Another try

Paul Everitt paul@zope.com
Fri, 12 Apr 2002 10:50:51 -0400

The part about even/odd css conventions brings up an interesting directio=
n. =20
Perhaps we could highlight the sidebar (left margin) as navigation by doi=
the alternation?  Alternatively, instead of a background color, give a li=
background _pattern_ such as a pattern of light dots.

Perhaps there are other ways as well, such as preceding each hyperlink wi=
th a=20
a blue square.

Also, as an update...I spent some time yesterday taking Olivier's mockup =
putting it as a skin on new.zope.org, to include the sidebar contents fro=
the IA discussion.  Unfortunately there's a bug in the new.zope.org sandb=
that prevents switching to the skin that contains it.

Here's what's happening today:

a. Andrew Sawyers will help get the sandbox's Zope, CMF, etc. up-to-date.

b. We'll fix the bug and let you know when you can try out the skin.

c. Olivier can, when he's ready, start putting his results up in the skin=
folder.  I'll send him the info for doing so.

Once that's done, we can combine the discussion of IA and design.

Here's a status on the nzo (new.zope.org) boxes...the delivery is a littl=
delayed.  Thus we hope to begin the project next Friday, rather than on=20


On Friday 12 April 2002 10:39 am, alan runyan wrote:
> Olivier, I *really* like the spotlight ;)  quite tasteful.
> some graphics would really liven the site up.
> the whole gripe about Text, i believe is because there are no visual
> elements anchoring the text around.  what about a graphic similiar to t=
> one that is at postnuke.com ? but much smaller and with more taste ;)
> I have some graphics resources I can talk to.  Olivier what do you thin=
> random notes (sorry I've been quite):
> * I would like for the dates to somehow be more visually offset with
> Description/Title for Applications.
> * are we not going to use the 'odd/even' css conventions? where bg colo=
> alternate?
> I *really* like it.  Hats off to Olivier and all who gave input.  looks
> wonderful.
> ~runyaga
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> > > Here is a modest try to put spotlight on the spotlight version...
> > >
> > > http://www.nidecker.net/zope.org/v4_1_4e
> >
> > There is no obvious element for your eyes to focus on when you load t=
> page.
> > All you see is loads of text....
> >
> > imho, and I think that is what Ken is saying too?
> >
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