[ZWeb] FYI: A little bit of progress

Paul Everitt paul@zope.com
12 Apr 2002 17:36:46 -0400

Howdy.  Courtesy of Andrew Saywers, we've made a bit of progress.  We
have a new new.zope.org with the latest/greatest Zope and CMF, as well

a. A skin corresponding to Olivier's work.

b. A sidebar containing the IA stuff from two weeks ago.

You can see this at:

  http://new.zope.org:15088/ZopeOrg/ (DAV port)

Log in using your zope.org username/password.  Note that this sandbox
doesn't contain all the migrated content.

Olivier, I made your account a manager, meaning that you can (if you'd
like) start posting your changes into the portals_skins/nzo folder on
the site.  Please start with the main_template from that location, as
we've made a number of changes to ZPT-ify and CMF-ify it.

Next tasks for me:

a. Respond to the series of emails that touched on IA.

b. Create and buildout the important section pages.

I'd also like to comment that, over the course of the last three weeks,
we've all made a lot more progress than expected, primarily from Olivier
and his brother Nicolas.  It's very good to see!