[ZWeb] FYI: A little bit of progress

Bak @ kedai kedai@kedai.com.my
Sat, 13 Apr 2002 23:42:00 +0800

my 2 cents..  on some of these ..

From: Paul Everitt <paul@zope.com>
To: zope-web@zope.org <zope-web@zope.org>
Date: Saturday, April 13, 2002 11:55 PM
Subject: Re: [ZWeb] FYI: A little bit of progress


>1) Documentation.  My first priority is the Documentation section.  I
>want to get that section's home page better organized and presented than
>the one on current zope.org.
>2) Search.  While this isn't a section per se, it is still the "by far
>the biggest" gripe about current zope.org.  Thus, I'd like it to get
>nearly front-of-the-line privileges.

i think ZCatalog can handle this, if we can put options, for the search.
because in czo, when we search. a whole lot come up - wikis, tips, etc.

usually, when users search for something, they sure have something in mind -
a particular product, or howtos, or tips, etc.  at my-zope.org, we give that
option, and the search results usually are spot on.

>3) Products.  This is going to take some serious thought.  Has anyone
>put any good thinking into a better HTML presentation and navigation?
>(Please don't reply with a discussion about programming.)  I think it's
>best if I simply steal the layout from somewhere else (like apps.kde.com).


>5) more... in sidebar.  Each section in the sidebar has a title that is
>a hyperlink to the section home page.  Will people know, though, that it
>is clickable?  Should we make it more explicit by having "More..." be
>the last entry in each section menu?

as long as we have the underlines, and the href color blue, or close to it,
ppl will know it's clickable.
or that's what jacob nielsen sez..