[ZWeb] FYI: A little bit of progress

Lennart Regebro lennart@torped.se
Sat, 13 Apr 2002 19:44:02 +0200

Showing is more efficient than telling, so heres the effects of some of the
changes I propose:

But I like telling more than like showing (which is another way of saying
that I love to hear my own voice), so I'll explain it in words to:

One thing that strikes me is that the frontpage has a load of things that it
wants extra focus on:

"What is Zope"
"Spotlight on..."
"Info for..."
and maybe some sort of Sponsorship thingy.

All these are fine and worthy things to focus on. And they are also quite
enough content to have on the front page of web.

My suggestion is that we use the right column for news, as of common web
practice, and let the middle column be take up by:

Spotlight on
What is Zope
Info for...
and any Sponsorship

And thats it, really.

If we want to split news and announcements in to two categories, as today,
then the announcements seem to be at home beneath the news. I don't
understand what "Applications" does.

This would have a couple of benefits:
News and announcements have the same format. By either merging them or
having them beneath each other in the third column, clutter is reduced.

The "Info for..." part is very cluttered. Moving it to the middle column
would reduce that. Also, it was an important part of the IA I and Paul made
up, and is intended to make it easier to find the correct info. It needs to
take some place for this, I think.

We get rid of the 0.5 column, thus reducing clutter even more.