[ZWeb] A new proposal (long)

Paul Everitt paul@zope.com
Sat, 13 Apr 2002 18:46:24 -0400

Trevor Toenjes wrote:
>>>4.  Applications has the wrong connotation in the community.  The
>>>uses "Products" to describe Zope add-ons.  And this should link to the
>>>that I started to design.
>>I would MUCH MORE prefer that we use the term "Component".
>>Zope is a RAD tool like VB or Delphi. You can plug components into it...
> I agree with your premise, but even the Zope core calls them "Products".  I
> dont think we can change that.  The Area headings need to be consistent with
> Zope's context to not confuse the Community.

Products it is.  The section heading will be called "Download", as verbs 
are better than nouns for headings like that.  Plus Zope itself isn't a 

By the way, regarding your mockup.  How much of the information is 
already there?