[ZWeb] Zope Corp attribution placement

Paul Everitt paul@zope.com
Sat, 13 Apr 2002 18:51:49 -0400

I propose that we make a little more progress on this.

How about putting something small at the top of the left sidebar. 
Basically, the Zope Corp logo, with the words "sponsored by" in the 
graphic, floating in the top right.  Just below (either as part of the 
graphic or as text) something saying "Zope.org is sponsored by Zope 
Corporation, creators of Zope.  Click here for sponsorship details."

We then take it out of the main content body of the home page (but 
perhaps repeat it in several other minor places, such as the footer, 
under "Business", etc.)

If the height of the left sidebar graphic is short enough, it could 
bring the underline from "About Zope" to be in a line with "What is 
Zope" and the first heading in the third column.


Trevor Toenjes wrote:
> Can we move the Zope Corp attribution out of the main content body?
> I am not suggesting remove it, but it is really out of place and creates a
> bad roadblock to useful information.
> Can the Zope Corp. info be moved to a right-box or left nav "Sponsor" area?
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