[ZWeb] Target audience grouping.

Lennart Regebro lennart@torped.se
Sun, 14 Apr 2002 21:47:13 +0200

We need a discussion on what target groups to have under the heading
currently known as "Info for..." The only thing I'm 100% sure of is that we
need one for New users, and one for Zope contributors.

Without further ado I propose:

New Users:New to Zope but familiar with website programming
Primary topic headings: Intro, About Python, Web Programming

Web Masters: Using Zope to make a website
Primary topic headings: Using Apache, Security, Backup policies, DTML

Developers: Using Zope to make applications
Primary topic headings: Developers Guide, ZClasses, Unit testing

Contributors: Doing the impossible, Improving Zope
Primary topic headings: Products, Using CVS, Bug days

Feel free to slash this suggestion as needed.