[ZWeb] Request for Feedback

Paul Everitt paul@zope.com
18 Apr 2002 14:11:56 -0400

On Thu, 2002-04-18 at 12:51, Trevor Toenjes wrote:
> For those following the Zope-mag thread on the zope-list.
> I am looking for feedback...
> Am I out-of-line by asking why Beehive thought it was necessary to spend
> efforts to launch a pay-per-Ezine rather than contributing to the projects
> on this list?  I think their participation here would be very welcome.

Personally I have no problem with them launching a for-fee magazine.  Of
course it needs to be good, appropriately priced, etc.  But I plan to
put them in the spotlight on zope.org when they iron everything out.

In the meantime, I'm focused on getting a newzopeorg going to some
milestone in the next two weeks.  And I'm faced with a dwindling number
of people showing up for the scheduled IRC chats and responding to mails
on this list.  I'm thus scaling down the expectations as the resources
dry up.

> I am not drawing lines.  I am trying to define this phenomenon so I
> understand community dynamics.

We need more of everything.  If someone actually commits to doing
something, and then follows through on it...well, they're a saint in my
eyes, whether they charge or not.

> I am new to this list, but dont recall any participation from Beehive.
> Please send me the right info if you have it.

I'd love for more participation on this list from Beehive.  I'll note
that Mark showed up for one of the IRC chats (it was only Mark, Seb, and
me IIRC).  Mark has also approved all the cataloging requests on
zope.org for around a year.

In my view, if Mark does +3 website things for free and +3 website
things for fee, nobody should get to complain until they too have done
+3 website things for free.

Let's not focus on ripping Mark's mag.  If we want something quality for
free, let's all pitch in and get started on zope.org.

I have a simple but large ZPT task that is completely ripe for the
taking, if anyone is interested in volunteering.