[ZWeb] Request for Feedback

seb bacon seb@jamkit.com
Thu, 18 Apr 2002 22:48:20 +0100


I don't think you're out of line at all, though I think the label 
'parasitic' may have been a bit inflammatory :)   I think the answer to 
"why does Beehive do this rather than that" is obvious: they want to 
make money.  I also don't really care what others' motives are; I can't 
presume to know, so why bother?

There's a fair bit of good will towards beehive because they have 
produced some useful things in the past, so concentrating on the 'why 
are beehive doing that' rather than the 'why isn't everyone else doing 
this' aspect was perhaps a mistake.

However, I share your interest in community dynamics.  I have no idea 
how to harness the talent that is surely "out there" but there must be a 
way.  Your input into the IA for nzo has been really useful, too, so 
please keep it up, and please respond to the continuing efforts to get 
the front page design finished!  It would be good to meet on irc for a 
nzo meeting.  If you want to discuss anything about the front page in 
realtime, just set a date and some of us will try to make it.  We really 
need the energy of people like yourself to keep this thing going.  If we 
don't encourage each other by continued engagement things will 
eventually fizzle out again.  I know I personally can't keep up the work 
I've been putting into it for that much longer.  If we can just make the 
effort all at the same time maybe we'll get somewhere.


Trevor Toenjes wrote:
> For those following the Zope-mag thread on the zope-list.
> I am looking for feedback...
> Am I out-of-line by asking why Beehive thought it was necessary to spend
> efforts to launch a pay-per-Ezine rather than contributing to the projects
> on this list?  I think their participation here would be very welcome.
> I am not drawing lines.  I am trying to define this phenomenon so I
> understand community dynamics.
> I am new to this list, but dont recall any participation from Beehive.
> Please send me the right info if you have it.
> Thanks
> -Trevor