[ZWeb] Q: Available for participation?

Sidnei da Silva sidnei@x3ng.com.br
Fri, 19 Apr 2002 08:45:24 -0300

On Sex 19 Abr 2002 08:21, Paul Everitt wrote:
| Hello everyone.  In the next week there will be a major push to move the
| project forward.  I'll lead with the question:
| Who on this list can contribute hours (over 5) during the course of the
| next week?
| .....
| Who on this list can contribute hours (over 8) during the course of the
| next week?

Over 5 or over 8? Per day or per week? ;-)

Im very interested on helping, tough ive never messed with CMF before. I have 
a very skinned Cross-browser HTML Developer sit on the desk next to mine. He 
could help getting all working on NS4.

| First and foremost, ZC has purchased four new machines to replace the
| zope.org cluster.  The configuration is a squid machine, two app
| servers, and a zeo server.  Chris McDonough is going to work starting
| today, through next week, to get the cluster setup and get some of the
| software in place.

Wow, pretty cool configuration. I would like to build something like this 
someday. Please ask Chris to write everything down and put as the First NZO 
How-To when finished. ;-)

| This gives us the chance to set a milestone, cleverly called Milestone
| One.  The goal of Milestone One is to have enough to show for ourselves
| that we can attract more manpower to the project from the community.
| While everything will be raw and unfinished, there will hopefully be a
| perception that things are moving.
| The tasks for the milestone: get the cluster running latest/greatest
| zope/cmf, 

And dont forget the more stable.

|wrap up the first round of skin work, build out the first
| level of information architecture, ensure we are organized as a project
| (homepage, action items, bug reports, etc.)

| --Paul
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