[ZWeb] Q: Available for participation?

Bak @ kedai kedai@kedai.com.my
Sat, 20 Apr 2002 09:58:15 +0800

i'm currently looking at the viability of using dieter's docfinder to
document *all* available methods in all classes.

are there any prefferred ways in tackling this?  i sent samples to chrism
and he suggested that i do the docfinder thing and compare it with the zo=
help system.

what to include, what to leave out?  should it be stored in any particula=

to easily integrate the APIs, can the nzo use pydoc and serve all availab=
"help" file?  DaJoker has one available, and if nzo can have this, that'd=
good too.  that's auto doc :)

sorry for the incoherent thinking.  my train of thoughts is not on schedu=

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>The fact is, we need more people that don't do those things!  There's a
>huge role in the plan for the new zope.org: section owners.
>We're trying to organize the site into sections.  For instance,
>documentation is a section.  These sections will have section home pages
>that try to organize the material, show the most recent items, feature
>selected material, etc.
>All of this is an editorial process.  Thus, we need people that can help
>adopt a section.  Those that jump in now and commit to leadership on
>this can really affect the outcome.
>On Fri, 2002-04-19 at 11:59, Didier Georgieff wrote:
>> > > Hello everyone.  In the next week there will be a major push to mo=
>> > > project forward.  I'll lead with the question:
>> > >
>> > > Who on this list can contribute hours (over 5) during the course o=
>> > > next week?
>> Paul,
>> I didn't knew this list ;-< sorry ! (got the information thru the
>> ZopeMag thread)
>> So, i can't write python, i can't write good english, i'm useless at
>> design, but count me in for whatever including using the broom in
>> dark corners.
>> In between, i'll read the zope-dev archive to find where i can help.
>> Regards.
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