[ZWeb] Q: Available for participation?

Paul Everitt paul@zope.com
Sun, 21 Apr 2002 12:55:27 -0400

Bak @ kedai wrote:
> first off, cool design, the nzo.

Primary kudos go to Olivier and Nicolas.

> my .02 cents
> -at the main page, i'd think that the zope logo souldnot be clickable.  coz
> we're there already

Hmm, I think others would disagree on that. :^)

> -we need to distinguish between clickable and non clickable items.  for
> instance, when a member's logged in, we cant tell between clickable items.

Where, in the left sidebar or in the actions box?  Currently neither of 
them use underlines.

> member name is not clickable, but there's no indication.  ppl are used to
> seing clickable items with underlines.

I think that is true when the item is in the main text of a page, like a 
paragraph.  But when it is in something that is a navigation element 
like a sidebar, it isn't clearly the case.

Just for giggles I did an experiment.  I thought of a large content site 
and went to see if my first sample would use underlines or not.

So I visited www.infoworld.com and looked in the sidebar.  No 
underlines.  (But the boxes have borders.)

I went to a second site, focused on software: www.microsoft.com.  None 
of their side navigation elements or top navigation elements use underlines.

While this doesn't mean that everybody forgos underlines, it certainly 
disproves the theory that underlines in navigation elements are the 
dominant case.

> this is at the horizontal navigation.

If you're referring to the actions box, zero time has been put into its 
look and feel.  It might not even stay in its current location.  I 
simply stuck it there so I could access it, then made a note in the 
todo.txt list in the skin folder saying that somebody else needs to make 
it look purrrrttty.

If someone can send a mockup of a better location for the actions, 
and/or a better presentation of them, I'll integrate it.

> -how/where is the product page that needs trimming, looking, etc?

Everywhere. :^)

Note that, since we haven't migrated content into 
new.zope.org:15080/ZopeOrg/, you'll have to evaluate the product code on 
the new.zope.org site (or else create your own product on 15080).

Here are some starting points:

a. Go to your member folder and create a product.  Write down notes on 
the experience, about how to improve it.

b. Then, go view the product page.  Again, write down notes.  For 
instance, the old zope.org made you go through about twenty clicks to 
actually start downloading.

c. Next, start from the home page and try to locate some products. 
Document your experience.

Here's the kicker: *most* of what you'll note on a-c could probably be 
improved simply using page templates in a skin folder, as I am doing 
with the search page.

Also, regarding products, ChrisM says the ratings ability on nzo product 
objects was created but not wired into the skin.  He'll do some research 
to give us the various calls we need.  Alternatively, someone could do a 
zopeorg checkout or browse the CVS at cvs.zope.org.