[ZWeb] Q: Available for participation?

Olivier Deckmyn odeckmyn.list@teaser.fr
Sun, 21 Apr 2002 19:22:36 +0200

About underlines, the rule is :
- One don't use underline where it is obvious the item is a link (navigation
bar, left bar, etc.).
- One use underline in any other case (inside text, etc..)

Hope that help.


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> Bak @ kedai wrote:
> > first off, cool design, the nzo.
> Primary kudos go to Olivier and Nicolas.
> > my .02 cents
> > -at the main page, i'd think that the zope logo souldnot be clickable.
> > we're there already
> Hmm, I think others would disagree on that. :^)
> > -we need to distinguish between clickable and non clickable items.  for
> > instance, when a member's logged in, we cant tell between clickable
> Where, in the left sidebar or in the actions box?  Currently neither of
> them use underlines.
> > member name is not clickable, but there's no indication.  ppl are used
> > seing clickable items with underlines.
> I think that is true when the item is in the main text of a page, like a
> paragraph.  But when it is in something that is a navigation element
> like a sidebar, it isn't clearly the case.
> Just for giggles I did an experiment.  I thought of a large content site
> and went to see if my first sample would use underlines or not.
> So I visited www.infoworld.com and looked in the sidebar.  No
> underlines.  (But the boxes have borders.)
> I went to a second site, focused on software: www.microsoft.com.  None
> of their side navigation elements or top navigation elements use
> While this doesn't mean that everybody forgos underlines, it certainly
> disproves the theory that underlines in navigation elements are the
> dominant case.
> > this is at the horizontal navigation.
> If you're referring to the actions box, zero time has been put into its
> look and feel.  It might not even stay in its current location.  I
> simply stuck it there so I could access it, then made a note in the
> todo.txt list in the skin folder saying that somebody else needs to make
> it look purrrrttty.
> If someone can send a mockup of a better location for the actions,
> and/or a better presentation of them, I'll integrate it.
> > -how/where is the product page that needs trimming, looking, etc?
> Everywhere. :^)
> Note that, since we haven't migrated content into
> new.zope.org:15080/ZopeOrg/, you'll have to evaluate the product code on
> the new.zope.org site (or else create your own product on 15080).
> Here are some starting points:
> a. Go to your member folder and create a product.  Write down notes on
> the experience, about how to improve it.
> b. Then, go view the product page.  Again, write down notes.  For
> instance, the old zope.org made you go through about twenty clicks to
> actually start downloading.
> c. Next, start from the home page and try to locate some products.
> Document your experience.
> Here's the kicker: *most* of what you'll note on a-c could probably be
> improved simply using page templates in a skin folder, as I am doing
> with the search page.
> Also, regarding products, ChrisM says the ratings ability on nzo product
> objects was created but not wired into the skin.  He'll do some research
> to give us the various calls we need.  Alternatively, someone could do a
> zopeorg checkout or browse the CVS at cvs.zope.org.
> --Paul
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