[ZWeb] CFV: Result batching for nzo search results

Paul Everitt paul@zope.com
Mon, 22 Apr 2002 07:05:58 -0400

Another call for volunteers...

As Greg pointed out on his excellent SearchIdeas page:


...it would be nice to present the result in batches similar to Google. 
  His notes are under "Paging".  This is a nice, bite-sized chunk of 
work for a ZPT person.


Paged batches for search results.


As noted on SearchIdeas, present batches of results as pages of results, 
like Google.


1. Continue making the search pages look as much like a familiar 
facility as possible.

2. Allow the user to quickly navigate between one of several batches.

Suggested Implementation

This should be a straightforward use of ZPT batches, although it is 
likely to take a bit of thought.  The Advanced ZPT chapter of the Zope 
Book (http://www.zope.org/Documentation/ZopeBook/AdvZPT.stx) has a 
section devoted to batching.  Look near the end for "Batching Large Sets 
of Information".

I'm sure the zpt list is willing to help on this.  In fact, I'll wager 
that someone has already done something like this.  In my book, you get 
extra credit for stealing the answer from someone else. :^)