[ZWeb] CFV: Related subjects metadata hierarchy

Paul Everitt paul@zope.com
Mon, 22 Apr 2002 07:59:12 -0400

I'm trying to spread around the kinds of ways people can participate. 
Here's one that requires no programming or web design skills.  Rather, 
it is an information architect kind of thing.


Construct subject hierarchy.


We need a good metadata model for organizing the site.  The CMF uses the 
"subject" field from Dublin Core for multiple keywords assigned to 
resources.  Somebody needs to write a proposal for a keyword hierarchy 
for nzo.


1. Aid in site navigation and information retrieval.

2. Keep burden low for authors and for content administrators.

3. Specifically, provides something similar to the "Categories" line in 
each match of the search results for google, which let you navigate to 
items related to that match.

Suggested Implementation

Write up a proposed list of subjects (keywords) for the site.  Each 
resource will get one or more of these subjects.

Write up a description of how these keywords will be used.  The CMF 
default pattern is the least work:

1. Resources get assigned zero or more subjects (keywords).

2. You can assign subjects that aren't on the approved list.

3. You can assign subjects through the HTML editing form, or through 
stx/html conventions from ftp/webdav.

4. Keywords are navigated from the advanced search form.

Propose some ways to make better use of keywords:

1. In search results, as described.

2. Highlighted when the document is viewed (e.g. in a "see also" box).

3. As a browseable set of topic folders.

4. Treat a subject as a "top resource" that appears in the top resources 
box, to give it some visibility.

Explain how you will address the following concerns:

1. Authors don't like to provide keywords.  How will we make it worth 
their effort?

2. How can content administrators easily "normalize" the subject 
hierarchy?  For instance, someone adds their own subject that is a typo 
or the subject is close to an existing one.  We need reports and tools.