[ZWeb] FYI: Updated project page

Paul Everitt paul@zope.com
22 Apr 2002 10:13:39 -0400

Howdy.  I spent some time trying to get the nzo (new.zope.org) project
page up-to-date:



  o A news section that tries to keep new visitors up to date.

  o A ProjectTeam page that lists contributors.  If you aren't on 
  this list and you think you've produced something that's been used, 
  feel free to update the page.

  o A ProjectList that captures bite-sized chunks of things to do.

  o Most important, a HowToParticipate page.

I'd say the biggest missing piece from the project organization is the
bare minimum of a functional spec.  It needs to be crystal clear what
are the things that must be in place in order to meet the "minimum
launch" goal.