[ZWeb] DISCUSS: Use ".html" or not?

Paul Everitt paul@zope.com
Wed, 24 Apr 2002 08:17:48 -0400

Howdy.  Let's start a war. :^)

I'm about to create the site map page, which is the second link on the 
navbar.  It will help us plan the building out of the content and 
section space in the site.

My first decision to make is: what kind of object should this be?  I'm 
going to make it a Document and treat it as content, rather than 
programming, so that it shows up in searches.  Of course, this might 
come back to haunt me later if I need to put any programming in it. 

My second decision: what should the object id be?  Choices:


While this seems like a petty conversation, it is actually quite 
important.  We have two kinds of decisions to make:

1) Caps scheme.  If I can get away with it, I'd like to make an edict to 
banish caps and use all lower.  I've grown really, really, really weary 
over the years telling people the URL to the zope 3 wiki, and saying 
"Component architecutre, capital C and capital A, front page, capital f 
and capital p, ..."

2) Extensions.  Boy oh boy is this a hot potato.

The first two people that tried to help me with nzo skins via WebDAV 
wanted to use Dreamweaver.  The were both foiled by DW's inability to 
work with something not having an extension.  Ultimately, all solutions 
that we discussed had tough tradeoffs.

For both content and presentation objects, this is going to come up over 
and over and over and...

So what say ye -- "sitemap" or "sitemap.html"?