[ZWeb] DISCUSS: Use ".html" or not?

Olivier Deckmyn odeckmyn.list@teaser.fr
Wed, 24 Apr 2002 15:11:30 +0200

> > So what say ye -- "sitemap" or "sitemap.html"?

I have never made a zope site with .html extensions. So I don't know the
real caveats, only the theory.

If I had to do the sitemap, I would have done a folder, including an
To my eyes, one web page=one folder. Don't flame :)

> A site map is useful for helping us start thinking about content
> properly.  However, I tend to make sitemaps dynamically generated to
> avoid link rot (if you assume the top two levels of hierarchy are site
> structure, you can just iterate over them and indent them according to
> their depth).  Thoughts?

I use to do it programmaticaly too. With a RAM Cache Manager, of course.

> seb
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