[ZWeb] DISCUSS: Use ".html" or not?

Paul Everitt paul@zope.com
Wed, 24 Apr 2002 10:29:05 -0400

seb bacon wrote:

> I don't have a problem with the extension idea.  It only causes
> difficulties in python, right?  That is easy got around in most cases.

Right.  It isn't clear yet in which cases ZPT would get mad referring to 
macros from an object with a dot in its id.  Most of the time the path 
expression isn't Python, so "here/main_template.html/macros/master" 
isn't an issue.

> A site map is useful for helping us start thinking about content
> properly.  However, I tend to make sitemaps dynamically generated to
> avoid link rot (if you assume the top two levels of hierarchy are site
> structure, you can just iterate over them and indent them according to
> their depth).  Thoughts?

I just put a site map page up at:


My current thinking is that the sitemap is under 100 entries, 
constituting a hand-crafted organization of permanent links which people 
can count on.  I'm willing to change my mind, though.

(Right now that page is just a repetition of the sidebar.  Later it will 
be a longer list in each section, perhaps short explanations beside each 
entry, etc.)