[ZWeb] NEW Products Page View

Paul Everitt paul@zope.com
Thu, 25 Apr 2002 18:22:29 -0400


Can you move the HTML work on this over to the nzo site?  I can help you 
get started on it.  It would allow you to gradually start introducing 
some elements that are available in the software and skin.


Trevor Toenjes wrote:
> A day ahead of schedule(hoo hoo), I have posted the new revised single
> Products Page view.  A few active authors have provided feedback on the
> features they wanted to see to make it easier for them to post products.
> And we have gotten great support that we are going in the right direction.
> The plan is to allow authors to spend 5 minutes launching a new product
> without any documentation or spend as much time as they want on info for the
> community.  Files can be on zope.org or external.
> Users can quickly get a good idea of what the product does, view other's
> feedback and generally be empowered with the information necessary to decide
> whether to invest time in downloading and installing a product or to keep
> looking elsewhere.
> The HTML is a mess, but renders ok in IE.  It will have to be cleaned up but
> should give you an idea of what we are shooting for.
> http://www.zope.org/Members/trevor/productspage/
> Send feedback and we should be able to make one final revision next week.
> Then we will put together a project plan to build this puppy and present the
> components as they are functional.
> And we will start designing the subpages and the management forms.
> -Trevor
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