[ZWeb] NEW Products Page View

Trevor Toenjes zope@toenjes.com
Thu, 25 Apr 2002 23:05:49 -0400

> Oh ok, that clarifies things.  You probably want to add the version
> number of the release they're going to download by clicking on "Download
> Now" somewhere on the page.
I think most people understand that they would download the current release.
One of the usability complaints about the current system is that often it
requires 3 clicks to download the current release.  This is 1 click, just by
linking to the "file" or "external link" of the most recent "Product
We could use an alt-tag with the current release version.
Is this acceptable?

> There are some features of this UI that are not implemented in the
> product currently, namely ratings and "see also".. are you just doing UI
> or are you planning on extending the current codebase to handle this?
> If not, I suspect we have some programming to do. ;-)
...we got programming to do.

We want to use as much of the current codebase as possible.  But this will
require some analysis and planning to migrate to this new structure.  I
assume we are going to stay with ZODB.

Do we want to migrate the "Sofware Product" to a new class or just add new
properties to the existing object?
Also we can use "Product Release" close to it's existing form.
We have lots of ZPT's, forms and some workflow to add.

Then we can start adding the new sub-objects of the "Software Product" to
handle comments, etc.  So, Chris, should we Squishdot or CMF componentize
the community threads?  :)

We dont want to hold up the project.  So let's implement what we can ASAP
and roll out new features as we build them.  I suspect that the IA/GUI will
slightly change to accomodate the old and new.