[ZWeb] upcomming chat

Robert Rottermann robert@redcor.ch
Fri, 26 Apr 2002 13:23:44 +0200

Hi friends in nzo

This emails purpose is to prepare myself for the upcoming IRC chat and to
inform you what I would like to have answered.

Section folder
I have prepared the folder sections for the sections to reside in.

Question here:
Should we avoid an extra folder?
avoid: url will be shorter
use: less clutter

The structure in the section folder reflects pauls hand carved sitemap.
It is generated from a script.
every section has an owner. The intelligence who the owner is is gathered
a script "getSectionOwner"
Question here:
Is ist ok to have this information here, or is there a more centralized
where site info is stored?

every structure and substructure has its own index_html. clicking on the
section title-bar calls its index_html. The idea here is that the section
owner can adapt it to his own gusto.
Same goes for the subsections.
Just now I generate the resp. index_html's when creating the structure.

Please look at it and comment whether this is a sensible way to do it.
Paul: Did I get your ideas?

I started to look at default.css.
We (my compatriot Geri and I) intend to overhaul it.
What css-files make part of the whole site?
Will we squeeze them into a single one?
Question two:
When we change everything to em: what is the ratio between the different
sizes. I mean bigger, smaller +1 ...

c u