[ZWeb] Re: NEW Products Page View

Simon Michael simon@joyful.com
Fri, 26 Apr 2002 11:18:53 -0700

Hi Trevor - I like your product page layout very much. Here's my comments:

"Trevor Toenjes" <zope@toenjes.com> writes:
> We could use an alt-tag with the current release version.
> Is this acceptable?

No, I think the full version should appear in the link. In fact I would
suggest using the exact filename instead of Download Now, eg
ZSomethingProduct-x.yy.tgz, because that makes it very clear what you'll
get when you click.

I like having the screenshots visible at the top of the page; but if they
were just a bit larger they would be useful without having to click on
them.  How about putting them three abreast below the description &
special notice ?

The overall and user/author difficulty ratings are great. Would it make
sense to replace the rate this product link with simple thumbs up/thumbs
down links ? And also convert the difficulty ratings to five-star graphics
with similar thumbs up/thumbs down. Just an idea, I'm planning to do
something like this for zwiki pages.

I think the explicit rules for the description sections are good, and it
would be nice if their essence is immediately clear to the user as
well. Eg headings like "Description - what it does:", "Explanation -
motivation and product notes:", etc. Ah, I see the view guidelines links
below, that's good too.

Would it be correct to say that Explanation is basically "product
motivation plus anything that doesn't fit in the other sections" ? 
Might it be possible to clarify the categories a little more ? 
Down at the bottom, Comments/Descriptions/Explanations/How-tos feels a
little like too many categories with too much overlap.. but maybe we'd get
used to it.  How about moving Comments to the bottom to emphasize that
they are the fallback "miscellaneous" category.

Finally, how about a zwiki.org-style comment form at the bottom of the
page to make posting easier.