[ZWeb] What do you scan for first when you look at a product?

Didier Georgieff dgieff@divinerites.com
Sat, 27 Apr 2002 18:46:11 +0200


I tried to have a look around what was going on nzo, but I hope this 
was not discussed before  (first attempt on nzo).

The new Product page looks great ! Kudos !

Just few remarks :

- Description, explanation, how-to, mailing list, developpment are 
missing some "obvious at a glance" thing. I guess it's just a 
question of having the title more proeminent at first sight (some 
blue background with white caracter ?).

- We don't have any info about what zope versions are tested ok. 
Sometimes you have some patch for a certain version, some "dont' 
work on x.y", or some tested on x.y.

To avoid huge bloat, we could have a "latest tested zope" and a 
"more about zope versions" ala download concept.

We could have the possibility to add a zope version (or a range of 
versions) and his status (tested, patch needed and a link to the 
patch or a text area to write the patch).

We also could allow people to add some positive or negative 
feedback about zope/product version (may be with some owner 

The problem is also that all this could or should apply to 'any' 
product version (n-m problem !).

- I also agree that the thumbnails should be lower in order to make 
the right section more promoted.

may be only one thubnail on th upper section should be enough ?

- also may be having a more clear separation (color ? border ? , ?) 
for the "official" and the "community part ?"

- should Special Notice from the Author be upper ?

I'll look further in the mail archives and get back to you.