[ZWeb] Re: NEW Products Page View

R. David Murray bitz@bitdance.com
Sun, 28 Apr 2002 16:08:01 -0400 (EDT)

On Fri, 26 Apr 2002, Simon Michael wrote:
> "Trevor Toenjes" <zope@toenjes.com> writes:
> > We could use an alt-tag with the current release version.
> > Is this acceptable?
> No, I think the full version should appear in the link. In fact I would
> suggest using the exact filename instead of Download Now, eg
> ZSomethingProduct-x.yy.tgz, because that makes it very clear what you'll
> get when you click.

+1.  (Actually, more like +10.)  And 'Download Page' should instead
be labled "Previous Releases" or "All releases".

I would *much* prefer if the download link and update info were in
the left column.  I'm thinking especially of repeat-visits here,
because the last update and download link are *the* critical
repeat-visit elements of the page. I think they should be in the
most accessible place: in the upper left corner of the page content.

> I like having the screenshots visible at the top of the page; but if they
> were just a bit larger they would be useful without having to click on
> them.  How about putting them three abreast below the description &
> special notice ?

I don't see any screen shots, which is good, because I'd *really*
rather not have big graphics on the page I need to go to to download
a product.

Even without such changes, though, this is much better than the
current layout, bravo.