[ZWeb] What do you scan for first when you look at a product?

seb bacon seb@jamkit.com
29 Apr 2002 17:00:09 +0100

Looks great.

I echo the big download button idea - this is the most important thing
for most people, I think.

After the download, I look at the special notice, then I scan the yellow
summary box, but I find it a bit too long.

Generally, I really like the layout, but I think a lot of information
could be removed - giving only as much information as is really useful
makes the page easier to use, IMO.

 - the community bit: i think it would be nice, but would it not be
simpler just to add a threaded discussion to the bottom, instead of a
load of categories?

 - the yellow box: I'd consider getting rid of "page admins" and
"keywords".  I'd merge the "primary" and "additional" categories into a
single box, "categories".  I'd just have a single score for difficulty
(perhaps just the author's guess - I realise it would be nice to have a
community feedback but again, I don't think it's *necessary).  I'd make
the difficulty rating be a 'progress' bar like the rating.  I'd make
'Similar Products' be in the same place, since it could be a function of
the categories/keywords.


(sorry for not being very communicative lately - I'm really busy..)