[ZWeb] zopenews

Dean Goodmanson goodmansond@yahoo.com
Sat, 30 Nov 2002 20:44:59 -0800 (PST)

> 4. I would actually like to have zope news happen
daily, in a weblog-ish
> format that is friendly to multiple contributors who
can self-service
> contribute as little as one news item and as many as
they want/can. (this
>> would also be a nice display of how zope can be
>>used to make, admin and  serve a multi-user,
>> teamwork, groupware, blog app.)

> ZopeZen <http://www.zopezen.org/> is a good example
> of this.  As it stands
> now, the Zope News page is actually a pretty good 
> example of what you're asking
> And it's been quite active over the past week or so.

I like this idea, but want to point out a couple of
missing features from ZopeZen (and Squishdot) that may
help here:

a. Priority posts.   Hot-Topics, "Must Read", etc,
which should probably linger on the first page, or
have their own section.  This need varies with
traffic.  Currently at zope.org it looks like these
are covered by their own placement above/below the
Zope News box.  

b. Do you want comments to be implemented?  If so,
thread watching helper links would be greatly
appreciated.  I personally like comments, but realize
that posts off the first page are out of mind, and
monitoring threads by comment count gets tedious.
(Adding count info to the RSS/RDF feed is a
start...but I better stop there ;-) .)

Looking forward to your improvements.


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